Dealing Wisely With Money and Other Ressources

To donate or share one’s wealth or income generously with people in need is normally better than to invest it with Oikocredit, but Oikocredit ist still much better than holding stocks or stocks funds and so on, as the money will be used for something good.

The Oikocredit cooperative

helps people in poor countries to build up an independent income with a small loan and coaching. Over the past 20 years, 2% have been paid out annually to the investors of the cooperative. You can buy, add more and sell a cooperative share.

Stock and stock funds

No, thank you! – My point of view:

Banks have been spending money for some decades that they do not have. In the past, only the state was allowed to create money. Now, banks are giving loans, even though they have only a small percentage of the money, but are taking a favourable credit from the central bank and offering loans with higher interest rates to their customers. By this, they are getting richer all the time. There are lots of money out there in the meantime, but this is not covered by a real value anymore.

In addition, companies belonging to larger companies, these are controlled by mega enterprises. These are owned by banks, which in turn belong to a few superbanks. And these are controlled by a few families who thus own almost everything.

Politics, media, etc. are bought, if necessary extorted, or leaders and whistleblowers are killed, they act and report properly. The lower on the level of power and money, the fewer people know about the bad things which are done. The higher, the more are initiated into the necessary and participate consciously.

There is so much money on the financial markets so that everything is already overpriced. The bladder may burst at any time. The broad mass of investors in funds and stocks then loses a lot because the financial moguls are already getting out of funds and shares.

Global companies often bribe governments to buy illegitimate benefits. Thus the great majority of people get the disadvantages. Pollution of the soil, reduction of the groundwater level, displacement of native farms, loss of land, shifting profits in tax havens …

The dismantling of the mineral resources is done far below the actual value, the poor of a really rich country have no profit of it.

The EU and others also promote exports to third world countries with the effect that local farmers can no longer sell their goods and lose their income base.

The workers on the ground usually receive low wages, health-threatening to deadly working conditions and poor treatment. We have advantages in the form of cheaper cars, phones, clothes …

More about the injustice in the world – God’s kingdom and mercy

Jesus Christ, the Lord

The best way, the only way to the Father in heaven, the life and the truth.

He says we shall live just and merciful. Love the others as ourselves, not ourselves more than everyone else. If one gives his wealth to the poor, thus he will have a treasure in heaven. Then our heart will be there already now. Then we should follow Jesus and learn from him and live with him. For all this, Jesus Christ died and rose again. To bring people to repentance and renew them in the relationship with the Father, by himself, by the Holy Spirit. He will also judge in the end, and only the goodwill come into the kingdom of the Father, the end of the others is terrible.

God and the life, Good recipients,


We listen to Jesus Christ, the Lord’s appointed Father.

Whoever has wealth and income should share it with God.

How exactly, God will show to those who seek him and want to live with him.

Your reward will be great in heaven. And on earth, too, they will be inwardly happy, through the fellowship with God and siblings, with whom God brings them together. For sharing makes joy and lets you experience God’s care and goodness even more than before.

Also, we learn not to trust in money but in God.

Dealing with money, the personal economies – a short introduction and guidance Take care that the base is right, for then your house will stand firmly in the storm, for God himself is watching over you.

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