Winter Mercy For Llittle Siblings In Christ In Pakistan

Warmth and life in winter for the poor in cold winter countries.

The 3 works FAMILY, LIFE and SERVE Pakistan have pointed to the need for warm clothes and blankets for the children, because of cold winter nights and children getting cold and sick.

“Winter has approached in Pakistan especially in North. We need to provide children at Little Bethel and Grace school, with warm clothes. Children haven’t got enough warm clothes such as sweaters, socks, shoes, and gloves. We would like to make their lives happy during this winter. I am writing to appeal to your kindness on their plight and to participate in making the lives of the less fortunate children better. Your love towards the children will allow them to stay warm and study well. We invite you to make a difference, we appreciate your support in finances and prayers. You will be rewarded from the Heavenly Father. Many blessings”

LIFE Pakistan has just communicated this via WhatsApp.