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Zakir risks his life for others.

I was allowed to sleep in his bed in 2014 as Zakir’s guest (right in the picture) when I visited the orphans family HOH (FAMILY Pakistan). He works as an attorney and also works for believers who have been in need wrongfully.

He is involved in the community, in the board of the association of the orphanage family, shares with influential Muslims from the Bible and reaches hearts of many with small and large meetings in the region and beyond.

They go into unreached villages, get together with the elders of the village, and everyone can share from their sacred book. Thus God’s Word is sown and hearts get touched. The entrance ticket is medical assistance to the village. Then they can pass on scriptures and bibles.

They help people who trust themselves to Christ and are therefore coming in danger of life on earth.

He trusts the Lord with his family.

If the Lord invites you to support this work you are very welcome.

From their self description – slightly shortened:

Voice of Voiceless (Reg.) Trust

God has been using a small group of God fearing passionate individuals who got to gather during the earthquake in 2005 to meet the needs of the local communities. God blessed this initiative and shaped it in the form of VOV which enabled the outreach work to become more organized to meet the standards of transparency and accountability. As the work grew the following main streams came out of it which are as follows:

1. Interfaith Harmony

   a. Seminars and Dialogues

   b. Medical and Social Services

2. MBB Fellowship (Muslim background believers)

3. Legal Aid and Assistance

While the work has grown but the structure of VOV even today mainly relies on volunteers which is a key distinction that VOV has from other organizations. This makeup of the organization keeps the spirit of volunteerism of the church alive and also eliminates the unnecessary administration cost, allowing the maximum support to reach the beneficiaries.

The Vision of VOV is:

To transform unjust structures of society by biblical truth and God’s love.

Our Mission is:

To share God’s love among people in Hazara region by standing with those who are oppressed and marginalized.

VOV believes in taking care of the physical needs of the people while remaining focused on discipleship and nurturing of new believers which eventually as the Spirit inspires, opens doors to house fellowships and church planting. VOV in its experience of six years working with the local communities has learned that the interfaith harmony among people of different faiths plays the linchpin role in smooth and effective service that provides avenues to do the basic physical service and the deeper spiritual work.

VOV envisions transforming the culture of the society from isolation to connectivity, from fragmentation to common direction, from being disbanded faith groups to harmonized interdependent community which has a mutual respect of each other’s religious dogma, thereby, transforming the culture of the local communities in the direction of development and the kingdom of God.

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