Recent blessings and current needs


from God for the poor in the world by people who share with them. Jesus Christ, is Lord above all in heaven and earth and the head of his worldwide people.

See the joy and thankfulness of children in northern Pakistan about warm blankets for cold winter nights.

FAMILY Pakistan

SERVE Pakistan



to donate and spread the word.

New orphanage family house for rent needed for FAMILY Pakistan because of life-endangering wrecked sewage system. Deposit, rent and moving expenses needed.a

Nourishment needed for the poor children in care by SERVICE Pakistan.

Books for the children of LIFE Pakistan.

Finances for the orphanage home, running costs and its helpers of HEART Uganda. About $5,000 needed short hand for accumulated debt. Plus $5,000 monthly for orphans family and school. $15,000 or 45,000 needed one time for building of an own house on a property already bought to save $1,200 monthly rent and a lot of running cost by having an own water tank …


Principles for the featured ministries

  • Know about the grace of God which draws us to love also and serve him.
  • Rely on the risen Christ, the word, for God’s love, wisdom and strength, and follow.
  • Be active and strong in caring for people, doing good, by God’s grace, by Christ.
  • Inform people about their chance to partner with their talents even if it is money in doing good serving the people and discipling them, this way also giving back where we get commodities and products from these countries at unfair wages and working conditions for a lot of workers and accepting the advantages we get by corrupted powerful people who sell their country and people.
  • Go on loving, forgiving and praying for governments and all people.