Visiting several countries – Teaching & direct giving are most effective

We travelled to a refugee camp in Greece, to Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. This was done as cost-conscious as possible. This way average life was seen and experienced. I visited a slum in New Dehli. Through internet and on airports we then had real life contacts who showed us a part of the world of the richer in India also.

Many refugees or other poor in these countries live in depressing situations. People and governments are more and more disillusioned about existing systems in their countries. They are fed up with corrupt “guides” and with the kind of bishops who have their belly more in mind than the welfare of all people.

We are aware that only obeying to the Lord and his teachings will have the desired positive effects without hurting or exploiting others. The Kingdom of God provides the only model for the world for overflowing blessings with no negative side effect.

Even some governments realized this and some get thirsty about implementing, So it needs good teaching to hear God themselves and discover his treasures in his word. God has solutions for all these situations and countries if we only submit to him and his ways which are so much above ours.

So, what helps most, is teaching and direct giving

  1. How to have hearts of people changed for good so no help is wasted because it is used sustainably
  2. What principles help to blossom on individual, family and society level
  3. Where to get/give most effective help

We hope that God will use this journey to keep our hearts open for the needy and make it easier to raise awareness for the world’s peoples’ situations.

So it shall be easier to bring people in countries with broader spread wealth to understand their part to do.

Love flow offers direct transfer options to the target works of engaged grass root people in several countries.

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