The Son Left His Heavenly Riches

Dear believer in Jesus

The son came to earth as a simple man, humbled himself and lived a simple life here not in material riches, so we too may live. We see that again emphasized in the letter to the Philippians (chapter 2).

He did not come to make us materially rich, but above all spiritually. But if he makes someone materially rich … it is for a reason.

Is it not wealth made for sharing, for putting in for good? This applies materially and spiritually as long as there is need in this world.

Will he not especially share with those who will do good for others and need donations to do this service.

As a reward, he no longer need to worry about what he needs, but God cares for everything he really needs, and he is happy because his treasure and heart are in heaven.

So found in the Master’s famous preaching on the mount, in the Gospel of Jesus, written down by Matthew (5-7).

We work the way God calls and uses us, he is the provider.

We can live justly so that we can share also with those who make minerals and produce things for us with much suffering but little pay in the world, and trust God to take care of us, because Jesus has promised.

Who ever goes to war at his own expense? So whoever teaches for Jesus, evangelizes, collects funds for the poor, or whatever, has the right to care, especially through the recipients of the spiritually helpful.

Thou shalt not shut up the ox that threshed. Or: The sower, the farmer is allowed to eat first. He is allowed to eat from the fruits, the good that results from his work through God’s grace. You have to sow first, with tears, too. There are people who live in the basement in a tiny flat so they do not have to earn so much, so they have more time to serve God. Everyone who uses God more lets go of everything and he is happy and contents oneself. And he will also experience persecution, suffering, slander and inconvenience.

If you follow Jesus, you are rich and respected by God.

With money, we could just act as we would like it, that we are treated like. So if we are starving or suffering similarly in Uganda or elsewhere, and others in the world, e.g. in Switzerland have more than enough for the basics, what do we want? That he shares with us, right? That is Jesus’ teaching. That’s what we should do. For this we need a new heart.

The Bible and the Sermon on the Mount are easy to understand for those who are open-minded and reads with heart and brains. We also want to implement this base area. So we are light and salt, Jesus says there. And at the end get the reward. Others will be there those who say, Lord, Lord, but did not do as He has taught. And he sends them away into eternal darkness.

Why does a rich man come into the kingdom of heaven through God’s help? Because Jesus draws him and renews his attitude to ownership.

Loving the siblings like ourselves, taking care of needs as well as we can. The Lord also encourages and rewards in between, especially in the heart. So we stay in Christ and He in us. That’s love.

Be blessed with love, wisdom and power from the Lord!


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