The Goodness of God shown to others

Every year VOV arranges Iftar Dinner in which Christian and Muslim Religious, Political leaders beside social workers, Peace keeping agencies and the officials from Local Administration are invited.
Like a minor addition last year, We are glad to submit that we are moving a step ahead by His grace, this time we are committed to arrange interfaith gathering with University students.This activity has brought knowledge, peace and tolerance among Christian and Muslim students in our past gatherings. 
We will arrange Inter-faith Iftar dinner for Christian Muslim Religious, Political Leaders, Peace keeping agencies beside officials from Local administration and University students. These activities help to promote Love, Peace and harmony among communities beside bringing them together. God’s word can be shared and touches people.
But this year we do not have founds to arrange this activity so please keep our funds in your Personal,Family & Congregational Prayers.

Budget for Inter-faith Iftar Dinner:
60   Person All Faith communities:      60,000
Mis. Expenses:                                      10,000
Total:                                                            70,000

Budget for Iftar Dinner for University Students:
30 Invitees (Male & Female)          30 x 1500     =      30,000
Mis. Expenses                                                                10,000
Total:                                                                                         40,000
Grand Total                                               110,000

Keep praying for resources and opportunities.
In Him

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