Taking and giving

In the World

Not trusting and submitting to God who is almighty – and because of this:

Greed, ego, fear

Trusting in money, people, systems, magic

Betraying, stealing and lying, unfair behavior against the weak in the world

Looking away from the distress of other people, ignoring the needs of brothers and sisters in the world

Ignoring injustice against other people

Exploitation of poor or week by a corrupted world trade system

Killing of unborn children in the womb

Buying, selling, trading of products which are produced unfair and with exploitation of people, animals and land

Governments dominated by corporations

Corporations dominated by banks

Banks dominated by a few leading banks which are controlled by a few families

Burdens by interests

Dismissing or leaving the spouse for another

Law of the stronger

Good is called evil and evil is called good

Claim of some people mothers should be allowed to kill their child in the womb

Contamination of the environment and destroying of the livelihood of people for own profit

Unfair wages and working conditions in the third world

Tax havens where rich do not pay tax according to their riches

Pharmaceutical products which make you sick

Destruction of natural healthy foods and patenting of food

Accept animal suffering to eat cheap meat

Accept suffering of others in order to have more for oneself

Individualism – people, family, groups only care for themselves

Revenge by people

New free energy technologies are suppressed

Rape victims are banned by their family in many cultures

Few own and control almost everything for their own advantage on the expense of others

Destroying of countries for profit

Suppress others

Corruption and bend the right for the own sake

Lifetime debt bondage and lifetime slave shaft


Living for pleasure only

Fraud, defamation

Disobedience to parents

Not resolving injustices

All evil

If you are looking for evidence, just search the internet, think, see.

Kingdom of God

Enter now …

God’s love, wisdom and strength planted in the heart, Christ in people.

Trusting God – God our loving father.

Love, trust, hope, peace, joy and comfort in the heart.

People are creatures of God who live in relationship with God through Christ.

Loving others like myself. Caring for others as for myself.

Everyone serves with his or her gifts (spiritually and materially) the others.

Rich share generously with the poor.

God bestows blessings like honey, where brothers live together in peace.

Healthy natural foods that are healing.

Also animals as part of creation are cared for their well-being.

Forgiveness and community

Use the body for good

Compassion and justice

All good

Everything starts with the renewal of hearts.



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