CHRIST Pakistan – Life for Unreached and Children

Pakistan Mashal brings light to the unreached and is caring for orphans This follower of Christ (on the left) quit his math studies to serve God. He has the heart to do God’s will. As a young evangelist and preacher in Abbottabad he travels to places in Pakistan to reach unreached with the gospel. HeContinue reading “CHRIST Pakistan – Life for Unreached and Children”

Dealing Wisely With Money and Other Ressources

To donate or share one’s wealth or income generously with people in need is normally better than to invest it with Oikocredit, but Oikocredit ist still much better than holding stocks or stocks funds and so on, as the money will be used for something good. The Oikocredit cooperative helps people in poor countries toContinue reading “Dealing Wisely With Money and Other Ressources”