School For Needy Children Started

From Open hearts Orphanage Ministry (OPHOM)

We have been asked to “take over” a school to help our and around 100 other children learn English writing and speaking. Most jobs in Uganda need this because English is the official language.

The parents and protectors (where children from the evening to the morning may be) of the children can hardly contribute financially, we have checked.

The classes include 2 nursery levels and 3 primary levels.

We need uniforms, shoes, food, a water tank, plants, cups, books, writing utensils, teachers’ wages.

We started in September 2017, even though we do not have all the funds yet.

And we would like to be able to finance one year of college for 3 young people who have been in our home since 2010, so that they can take care of themselves and support our orphan service.

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