Beautiful video, picture and information on Pakistan on PrayerCast.

More and more people are open for the grace of God in Christ.

We can love our brothers and sisters financially those who care for the weak and oppressed in God’s family and above. The average income is only $200, food is expensive.

They can show love to Muslims and explain that Jesus Christ is not son in a sexually sense but in a spiritual. And this perfect and wonderful one came in this earthly body, died for us and was set as head over God’s kingdom to show his love, grace and beauty to the whole creation all over so people turn to him and be renewed to live holy and blameless with God. In the Lord we find hope, love and joy, wisdom and strength.

Pakistan is a big country northwest of India. It extends from the sea up to snowy mountains in the North. The works in Pakistan featured on Love flow are in the north half. Pakistan is not an easy country to live in for many.

Climate in Abbottabad, Toba Tek Singh