HEART Uganda

The Concept of Christmas Gifts in Africa

From Open Hearts Orphanage Ministry (OPHOM)

The concept in Africa for Christmas looks like this. A whole year without decent food, new garment and shoes, every breadwinner tries to plan this for his family already 5 months before the date.

A bottle of soda, rice and chicken, a new garment and new shoes.

The children in our home want that, too.

We want to be able to care for 120 children and give everyone a decent food and shoes that can be used throughout the year for the way to school instead of walking barefoot, which hurts many. We are happy about every donation.



Focus: Heaven. Get A New Heart Which Serves God

There are many good websites on this. The links and videos on could help you to enter the kingdom of God.



From Need To Blessing – Through God Who Makes Everything New

“God’s well has plenty of water You prepare your grain, you are preparing the land. “

From need to blessing

Problems, bullying, injustice, selfishness, strife, hate, envy, fear, greed, want

Grace, justice, love, joy, peace in the heart, kindness, patience, self-restraint. Diverse good emerges and radiates. Be content with the necessities of life and give abundance to the oppressed.

Accompanying people and maybe groups / whole organization / state for an organization or government agencies

I seek God’s guidance with every accompaniment.

“Only through him are there perfectly good and best solutions. In Christ is all love, wisdom and power. “

The most important thing for you is always …

Seek God with all your heart

Find Jesus Christ the Lord and with it peace, joy, justice and grace, healing, liberation and eternal life.

Live through him, just and holy, bathing in God’s love, guided by him.

The more people do this at a place of residence or work, the more good and just, joy and blessings will arise. And God will protect them.

“You seek the land home and water it and make it very rich; God’s well has plenty of water. You prepare your grain, for you are preparing the land. “

Klaus Neuwirth

Austrian traveling where the Lord leads. Married with Katharina.
If necessary, I would like to work together with partners or to mediate to them.