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SSHM – SERVE Pakistan – Christ and the Poor

Pakistan prayer video, pictures and informations.

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Since 2015, I have been personally associated with Patras and also with his son Laraib. Now Laraib with his better English and technical skills is my main contact.

I invite you to share in their serving others if you feel led by God this way. Inviting friends in the work is also very good. The kingdom of God is lively and by its relationships. One body, each part connected or like water and blood flowing through the whole body.

They live in Toba Tek Singh in the center of the Punjab.

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VOICE Pakistan

VOV – Voice of the voiceless – Zakir – VOICE Pakistan – Advocacy and Changing the Atmosphere

Pakistan prayer video, pictures and informations

Zakir risks his life for others.

I was allowed to sleep in his bed in 2014 as Zakir’s guest (right in the picture) when I visited the orphans family HOH (FAMILY Pakistan). He works as an attorney and also works for believers who have been in need wrongfully.

He is involved in the community, in the board of the association of the orphanage family, shares with influential Muslims from the Bible and reaches hearts of many with small and large meetings in the region and beyond.

They go into unreached villages, get together with the elders of the village, and everyone can share from their sacred book. Thus God’s Word is sown and hearts get touched. The entrance ticket is medical assistance to the village. Then they can pass on scriptures and bibles.

They help people who trust themselves to Christ and are therefore coming in danger of life on earth.

He trusts the Lord with his family.

If the Lord invites you to support this work you are very welcome.

From their self description – slightly shortened:

Voice of Voiceless (Reg.) Trust

God has been using a small group of God fearing passionate individuals who got to gather during the earthquake in 2005 to meet the needs of the local communities. God blessed this initiative and shaped it in the form of VOV which enabled the outreach work to become more organized to meet the standards of transparency and accountability. As the work grew the following main streams came out of it which are as follows:

1. Interfaith Harmony

   a. Seminars and Dialogues

   b. Medical and Social Services

2. MBB Fellowship (Muslim background believers)

3. Legal Aid and Assistance

While the work has grown but the structure of VOV even today mainly relies on volunteers which is a key distinction that VOV has from other organizations. This makeup of the organization keeps the spirit of volunteerism of the church alive and also eliminates the unnecessary administration cost, allowing the maximum support to reach the beneficiaries.

The Vision of VOV is:

To transform unjust structures of society by biblical truth and God’s love.

Our Mission is:

To share God’s love among people in Hazara region by standing with those who are oppressed and marginalized.

VOV believes in taking care of the physical needs of the people while remaining focused on discipleship and nurturing of new believers which eventually as the Spirit inspires, opens doors to house fellowships and church planting. VOV in its experience of six years working with the local communities has learned that the interfaith harmony among people of different faiths plays the linchpin role in smooth and effective service that provides avenues to do the basic physical service and the deeper spiritual work.

VOV envisions transforming the culture of the society from isolation to connectivity, from fragmentation to common direction, from being disbanded faith groups to harmonized interdependent community which has a mutual respect of each other’s religious dogma, thereby, transforming the culture of the local communities in the direction of development and the kingdom of God.

Yearly reports

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CHRIST Pakistan

CHRIST Pakistan – Life for Unreached and Children


Mashal brings light to the unreached and is caring for orphans

This follower of Christ (on the left) quit his math studies to serve God. He has the heart to do God’s will. As a young evangelist and preacher in Abbottabad he travels to places in Pakistan to reach unreached with the gospel. He baptizes, prays, teaches and coaches the new. Hearts shall be renewed for good.

Mashal has also been caring and teaching with love in FAMILY Pakistan for years. He is like a beloved elder brother for the children and youth.  Klaus met him personally in 2014. Since then they are in an ongoing connection. Bring him before God in prayer. If you want you may finance his life, serving, journey costs and materials, have contact with him and take part in the joy of what the Lord is doing.

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LIFE Pakistan

New Zoi – Hanoch – LIFE Pakistan – Love and Renew


Diverse service and rich fruit by Christ

I have personally met Hanoch Munir in 2014 when I visited the FAMILY Pakistan project. He worked as a Sunday School teacher in this orphanage family. At the same time, I also learned about the varied work that God uses him with his wife Christina and a good team which has become a big network. Since then I have been in contact with him, he is wonderfully made by the Lord, Christ works in them.

They live by faith. Through financial contributions and prayers from supporters in the northern half of the world, God made miracles.

They give hope and help for people in bondage, widows and orphans. In 14 sewing schools widows get ready for an independent source of income. School education. 6 learning center for reading and writing.

Children are rescued from bonded labor, child trafficking, being an orphan on its own and integrated in the Bethel family. Many more children are allowed in the Grace Community School (126 children). They experience parental love, find the love of God and get a good education.

Life and communities are changed through the encounter with Jesus Christ. They want to address the least reached so that every human being has at least one chance to hear about Jesus Christ. People in villages in Punjab hear the good news, get healed, baptized and communities are planted. There are now 35 communities in different regions of Pakistan. They use God’s strategies to turn people into apprentices of Jesus.

So far, 3,350+ people have been in training for workers in the Kingdom of God, reaching 90,000+ unreached, blessing 23,400+ poor children and 1,520+ widows.

In the first half of 2017, 3 communities were planted in the Punjab, 2 sewing schools, 20 children were included in the training program, 230+ received training, 3,500+ unreached achievements, and 430+ children blessed. Hanoch traveled about 25,000 km.

15 leaders are in continuous training.

Christina, Hanoch’s wife, influenced hundreds of women through women’s conferences, pastoral care, literacy and skills development.

A march on the street at Easter to witness the resurrection of Jesus touched many and drew them to Christ. The joy of the Lord is great.

People meet Jesus and get renewed


Sewing schools



Hope for the least

Many children of debtors work and live with their parents in brick factories


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The Almighty Is …

Jesus Christ died for sinners and lives thus we are changed to live for him.

Love is patient and friendly. She has no envy, does not boast and

Love is patient, love is kind, it is not envious. Love does not boast, it is not puffed up. It is not rude, it is not self-serving, it is not easily angered or resentful. It is not glad about injustice, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Becoming one with God –



What Jesus Christ, the Lord, Teaches About Mercy and the Kingkom Of Heaven

Even if we do not want, the poor are exploited by the world system, see “Kingdom of God vs World system” – Let us give back with sense, sustainable and effectively and be merciful as our father in heaven is merciful. This way we practice justice.

What we give to those who live for the Lord, we give the Lord who has given himself for us before. God proved his love to us that Christ died for us as we still were sinners. Rom 5

Now bear fruit which show your repentance. Every tree which does not bear good fruit will be cut down and trown into the fire. The people asked him: What shall we do? He replied: Whoever has two garments, give one to someone who has none, and who has to eat, do the same. Luk 3 – Do not worry about your basic needs, simply share with people in need, then the Lord cares for your needs. Mat 6 – Who give to suffering siblings, this one gives to me – enter the kingdom of my father. Mat 25 – Turn around, repent, and everybody let himself be baptized to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins; thus you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Act 2

Take and eat the word “Merciful as the father“.

Therefore the projects on this website are presented.

And here are more Links to verified workers in doing good with and for the Lord.

I am joyful about the love of God in the siblings who help the poor and especially those who love Jesus and follow him whatever the cost.



Dealing Wisely With Money and Other Ressources

To donate or share one’s wealth or income generously with people in need is normally better than to invest it with Oikocredit, but Oikocredit ist still much better than holding stocks or stocks funds and so on, as the money will be used for something good.

The Oikocredit cooperative

helps people in poor countries to build up an independent income with a small loan and coaching. Over the past 20 years, 2% have been paid out annually to the investors of the cooperative. You can buy, add more and sell a cooperative share.

Stock and stock funds

No, thank you! – My point of view:

Banks have been spending money for some decades that they do not have. In the past, only the state was allowed to create money. Now, banks are giving loans, even though they have only a small percentage of the money, but are taking a favorable credit from the central bank and offering loans with higher interest rates to their customers. By this they are getting richer all the time. There a lots of money out there in the meantime, but this is not covered by a real value anymore.

In addition, companies belong to the larger companies, these are controlled by mega enterprises. These are owned by banks, which in turn belong to a few superbanks. And these are controlled by a few families who thus own almost everything.

Politics, media, etc. are bought, if necessary extorted, or leaders and whistleblowers are killed, they act and report properly. The lower on the level of power and money, the less people know about the bad things which are done. The higher, the more are initiated into the necessary and participate consciously.

There is so much money on the financial markets so that everything is already overpriced. The bladder may burst at any time. The broad mass of investors in funds and stocks then loses a lot because the financial moguls are already getting out of funds and shares.

Global companies often bribe governments to buy illegitimate benefits. Thus the great majority of people get the disadvantages. Pollution of the soil, reduction of the groundwater level, displacement of native farms, loss of land, shifting profits in tax havens …

The dismantling of the mineral resources is done far below the actual value, the poor of a really rich country have no profit of it.

The EU and others also promote exports to third world countries with the effect that local farmers can no longer sell their goods and lose their income base.

The workers on the ground usually receive low wages, health-threatening to deadly working conditions and poor treatment. We have the advantages in the form of cheaper cars, phones, clothes …

More about the injustice in the world – God’s kingdom and mercy

Jesus Christ, the Lord

The best way, the only way to the Father in heaven, the life and the truth.

He says we shall live just and merciful. Love the others as ourselves, not ourselves more than everyone else. If one gives his wealth to the poor, thus he will have a treasure in heaven. Then our heart will be there already now. Then we should follow Jesus and learn from him and live with him. For all this, Jesus Christ died and rose again. To bring people to repentance and renew them in the relationship with the Father, by himself, by the Holy Spirit. He will also judge in the end, and only the good will come into the kingdom of the Father, the end of the others is terrible.

God and the life, Good recipients,


We listen to Jesus Christ, the Lord’s appointed Father.

Whoever has wealth and income should share it with God.

How exactly, God will show to those who seek him and want to live with him.

Your reward will be great in heaven. And on earth, too, they will be inwardly happy, through the fellowship with God and siblings, with whom God brings them together. For sharing makes joy and lets you experience God’s care and goodness even more than before.

Also we learn not to trust in money but in God.

Dealing with money, the personal economies – a short introduction and guidance Take care that the base is right, for then your house will stand firmly in the storm, for God himself is watching over you.



Which Works Are Presented? How Are They Accompanied?

  1. Somebody approaches me on the internet, facebook

  2. Impression in the spirit that I shall deal with it, moving it before God

  3. Internet and facebook research about the work and workers

    1. Online presence

    2. References by people

      1. Who are or were at the place of the work

      2. If none, others who have or had contact

      3. Video or voice call with these; sharing of impressions and experiences

  4. Video or voice call according to bandwith, emails, asking for information, checking willingness, be kept up to date

    1. Testimonies, as God provided them so far, what they do actively

    2. History, motivation, relationship networks, pictures, videos

    3. Official structures, is it a registered association

    4. Names of the members

  5. Prayer; provide guidance, advice, information, accounting templates, encouragement, networking activities, preparation of annual reports, and assist with a favorable way of international money transfer

  6. See how God triggers donations and takes care of them at the right time

  7. When God guides it, personal meeting locally with people, helpers and beneficiaries, in the group and some also individually for a deeper contact

  8. Whatever is needed to promote the trust of potential donors, to consider their information needs, and to help them to act as partners … as the Lord leads each one

Mercy in the word


HEART Uganda

House Father and Children

Hassan Mubiro, his wife Annet Nakayiza, helper Ivan Bakka.

Testimony from Hassan Mubiru, Open hearts Orphanage Ministry (OPHOM)

I was born in a muslim family and I was the youngest in a family of 33 children. I did not have much time with my Muslim father while growing up because my father died when I was seven years old. There was no possibility for much education and we never had enough to eat at home. my mother and other six children were living consistently working on a tea plantation. Some of my brothers died from hunger, malaria and measles without medication.

I gave my life to the Lord Jesus after someone spoke to me about him in 1995. This brought persecution from my family and I came to Mityana to stay away from them.

The few years at school did not help me as a young boy to learn English, the official language of my country. I even had problems forming a simple sentence, but my desire to serve God was great. From the age of 12, I spent my nights with a group of people in the Church praying for a revival of our nation.

With the few words that I could speak in English, I decided to never pray in my native language. With praying and fasting I was able to write and speak English words after a year. So prepared, I was able to attend a Bible school. All teachers came from English speaking countries, that helped a lot and I was one of the best students in my class. At the same time, I was an associate pastor in our little church. In 2006, God spoke to me to plant a church in Mityana, which succeeded in 2007.

I decided to share my basic bible knowledge with other pastors in my town and the surrounding villages, who had little or no opportunity for simple Bible training, which I am doing so far, monthly and whenever there’s an opportunity.

In 2009, God called me to look after orphans and needy children. Two years later, I was married and my wife and I decided to take these children to our home because we only had two children ourselves. The rest of the 120 children we care for at home 12 and 108 all come from poor families and most have lost one or both parents.

We started a business to support us, first with silverfish, and then switched to chicken farming. All profits go to the support of our home. Broiler chickens take a lot of our time because they eat day and night, and we take care of them and teach the children to keep them.

Because our business has little to contribute to the upkeep of this house but better than nothing at all we are so grateful to anyone who prays for this family and the donors to keep this family together. May God bless you richly. Without God putting you in this imperfect situation, we could not make it.

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Hassan Mubiru and Annet Nakayiza

Children and Youth 2017

All children and youth have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They are taught in Sunday school and have discipleship training. There is great passion to serve the Lord and their community of believers and people in the area.

Due to lacking sleeping space as the children have grown (only) 10 children are cared for in the rented house at the moment.

Here are the names of the 40 children initially cared for, their birth dates and work ideas:

Joan Nalunkuma 11 December 2002 w nurse

Easther Nalugwa 25 July 2010 w nurse

Musooto Gwoto 17 July 2009 w doctor

Alice Nankaayi 22 June 2011 w teacher

Irene Nalwadda 28 November 2001 w nurse

Immaculate Nakitende 10 November 2005 w engineer

Joel Muwanguzi 7 July 2004 m driver

Cissy Nakku 27 April 1999 w teacher

Hassan Kigongo 7 May 2003 m veterinary

Isaac Ssebagala 5 February 2005 m farmer

Mary Nanoozi 01 January 2008 w president

Sylvia Nasuuna 17 December 2002 w helping children

Proscovia Nakanwagi 20 January 2009 w nurse

Mansoor Ssetuba 8 August 1998 m construction

Ivan Mukisa 2 December 2001 m welding

Ruth Akello 22 November 2006 w doctor

Annita Namukwana 15 April 2011 w nurse

Ivan Waiswa 26 September 2008 m nurse

Shaban Iwumbwe 05 January 2008 m nurse

Harriet Nakarona 14 November 2000 w nurse

Umaazi Lunana 17 June 2010 w carpeter

Edwrine Kizito 15 December 2011 m doctor

Moses Lugendo 06 April 2005 m lawyer

Manisha Nandego 06 April 2011 w farmer

Jonathan Salusa 10 September 2010 m doctor

Anisha Mukebezi 10 December 2009 w teacher

Wittine Namuyima 26 September 2009 w lawyer

Sandra Nakasango 19 August 2007 w nurse

Rogers Tilibuze 21 September 2007 m doctor

Emmanuel Musasizi 16 August 2005 m engineer

Abu Kimera 14 July 2011 w doctor

Frank Galingoba 15 December 2010 m doctor

Alamulati Mukama 21 October 2010 w farmer

Shifla Namulata 13 July 2010 w teacher

Bakali Kayeyera 12 January 2009 w doctor

Geofrey Kasango 14 May 2006 m nurse

Nangendo Igula 09 February 2009 w lawyer

Nulu Nasiwa 11 April 2006 w teacher

Joan Namaganda 09 May 2006 w teacher

Joshua Matendo 20 Oct 1997 m doctor



The Son Left His Heavenly Riches

Dear believer in Jesus

The son came to earth as a simple man, humbled himself and lived a simple life here not in material riches, so we too may live. We see that again emphasized in the letter to the Philippians (chapter 2).

He did not come to make us materially rich, but above all spiritually. But if he makes someone materially rich … it is for a reason.

Is it not wealth made for sharing, for putting in for good? This applies materially and spiritually as long as there is need in this world.

Will he not especially share with those who will do good for others and need donations to do this service.

As a reward, he no longer need to worry about what he needs, but God cares for everything he really needs, and he is happy because his treasure and heart are in heaven.

So found in the Master’s famous preaching on the mount, in the Gospel of Jesus, written down by Matthew (5-7).

We work the way God calls and uses us, he is the provider.

We can live justly so that we can share also with those who make minerals and produce things for us with much suffering but little pay in the world, and trust God to take care of us, because Jesus has promised.

Who ever goes to war at his own expense? So whoever teaches for Jesus, evangelizes, collects funds for the poor, or whatever, has the right to care, especially through the recipients of the spiritually helpful.

Thou shalt not shut up the ox that threshed. Or: The sower, the farmer is allowed to eat first. He is allowed to eat from the fruits, the good that results from his work through God’s grace. You have to sow first, with tears, too. There are people who live in the basement in a tiny flat so they do not have to earn so much, so they have more time to serve God. Everyone who uses God more lets go of everything and he is happy and contents oneself. And he will also experience persecution, suffering, slander and inconvenience.

If you follow Jesus, you are rich and respected by God.

With money, we could just act as we would like it, that we are treated like. So if we are starving or suffering similarly in Uganda or elsewhere, and others in the world, e.g. in Switzerland have more than enough for the basics, what do we want? That he shares with us, right? That is Jesus’ teaching. That’s what we should do. For this we need a new heart.

The Bible and the Sermon on the Mount are easy to understand for those who are open-minded and reads with heart and brains. We also want to implement this base area. So we are light and salt, Jesus says there. And at the end get the reward. Others will be there those who say, Lord, Lord, but did not do as He has taught. And he sends them away into eternal darkness.

Why does a rich man come into the kingdom of heaven through God’s help? Because Jesus draws him and renews his attitude to ownership.

Loving the siblings like ourselves, taking care of needs as well as we can. The Lord also encourages and rewards in between, especially in the heart. So we stay in Christ and He in us. That’s love.

Be blessed with love, wisdom and power from the Lord!



Surprised By God Collecting Donations

In prayer, I had the impression with peace to go to a particular parish congregation. Coming late, but then the preacher says, today we’ll do the collection for a project that we’ll collectively choose from up to 5 suggestions you bring.

I’ve never heard anything like that before.

I stand up with God’s calm and introduce HEZ Uganda, an orphanage, in 15 seconds. Two others also have a short project. The vote by a show of hands confirms the orphanage in Uganda. And I should give the account number to the pastor at the end. That’s when I let myself be surprised by God. He knows about the needs. And mostly helps those who love him. Over CHF 400 came together in this Reformed church that day.



Principles of help

Sustainable. For long-term effects. Grass root projects.

Through people who have given their lives to Jesus Christ to love and thus are a testimony of God’s love and righteousness.

For renewed life situations, opportunities, hearts and relationships.

The promoted people thus have the chance to become light and salt for many others, that is, to bring about good things and preserve them.

All gifts are fully dedicated to the beneficiaries.

Whoever does as Jesus Christ teaches, as the Holy Spirit directs, will bring forth good fruit that will remain eternally. God will restore his glory and forgive his sin. Communion with God for now and for eternity.



Other Love and Mission Projects – Sound Economic Advice PDF

I’ve been collecting such in a list online for years. Recently, the Lord showed me that I should also make these public. And that I should go through it with each one individually. So every single one that is in the list has been confirmed by God. Of course, there are many other works that are in God’s service. I can only say that these are clearly confirmed by the Lord, that sharing with you is to his will. Everyone does as the Lord guides him.

For personal heart renewal, see

Video about God’s view of charity projects and personal carefree life on my Facebook-Stream.

Compact PDF on personal economics that contains a lot of practicalities. Against donation at satisfaction.


HEART Uganda

School For Needy Children Started

From Open hearts Orphanage Ministry (OPHOM)

We have been asked to “take over” a school to help our and around 100 other children learn English writing and speaking. Most jobs in Uganda need this because English is the official language.

The parents and protectors (where children from the evening to the morning may be) of the children can hardly contribute financially, we have checked.

The classes include 2 nursery levels and 3 primary levels.

We need uniforms, shoes, food, a water tank, plants, cups, books, writing utensils, teachers’ wages.

We started in September 2017, even though we do not have all the funds yet.

And we would like to be able to finance one year of college for 3 young people who have been in our home since 2010, so that they can take care of themselves and support our orphan service.

OPHOM auf Facebook-Thread


HEART Uganda

Concerns for Orphanage and School for Poor Children

From Open hearts Orphanage Ministry (OPHOM):

One of the most challenging things for us is to pay the rent for the current home.

We already have a plot for our desired orphanage, we would be very happy to have a house there for the children.

The operating costs should be low. To do that, we dig a well and install solar panels for electricity.

This will save us twice as much money for rescuing children from poverty, trafficking, illness and death.

Nobody is paid for administrative work in OPHOM. Unfortunately, food prices have risen sharply.

A small school, where about 100 children from poor backgrounds are allowed, has been started and the children are being taught.

Concerns of the supervisors on site:

Being able to finance your own home and save a lot on rent – construction costs would be $ 45,000 for 40 children or 15,000 for 8-12 children. That would make the rent of $ 1,200 unnecessary in the future.

That the arrears can be paid to teachers’ wages and rent for the orphanage and that everything necessary for orphanage and school can be financed constantly and on time.