* Overview *

Disciples of Jesus in countries with extensive poverty and calamities bring life, love and justice into their environment.
We are connected with them and want to present their ministries.
Each donor is a co-worker and allottee in their and our work and giver of life to others.

The ministries

FAMILY Pakistan – Home of Hope in Abbottabad – About 40 orphans are cared for in a big family setting and get schooling.  Website   Description

HEART Uganda – Loving orphanage and school for poor in Mityama.  Description

SERVE Pakistan – They help suffering people and bring the gospel in Toba Tek Singh and Kagan valley.  Description

LIFE Pakistan – New life for many. The week are in focus especially, widows and orphans. Providing income possibilities, gospel, schools, training. Reaching Punjab with Christ. Saving children from forced labour and human trafficking. Sewing training for income chances. Schooling. People in valleys in Punjab are renewed to good by Christ.  Description

CHRIST Pakistan – This courageous loving man quitted university to serve Christ and reach people. He is also part of FAMILY Pakistan, teaching and caring, an elder brother for the children and youth. He is reaching out to people with the gospel full heartedly. Description

VOICE Pakistan – Voice of Voiceless – People wrongly accused are advocated. Villages get reached with help. Relationships develop, people get changed by Christ. Persons of peace influence of lot of others for good. Description

HEROES South Africa – Children in schools of a disadvantaged area in Capetown learn life skills and get the chance to know Jesus. They get hope and power to live a sound righteous life inmidst of gangs, drug abuse and criminal careers. www.3eministry.com  Description

More good works to support …

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