Our neighbours

VOICE Pakistan writes 30 Muslim background believers who were found by Christ and have the new life now were trained how to life and be light and love to their neighbours now for God.

FAMILY Pakistan found a new house by the grace of God.

HEART Uganda was able to pay many of its debts. They need to leave the current house in two months. We hope God gives resources to finance their own new home. For the start $ 10,000 would start the building process which could be finished in two months, a simple house. Altogether 50,000 are the costs for the house.

Curry Blake is teaching truth about healing on www.jglm.org stripping away all the things traditions and denominations added to the bible. And they are living it in an exemplary way. Our model shall be Jesus himself. And he is the power in the believers.

To make people to disciples of Jesus would surely also help to generate more and new help funds for the poor and suppressed in the world. When people’s hearts are changed by God, a heart from him instead of the heart of stone they will be merciful. And most often it is or was not the fault of the poor and suppressed that they are in this situation but as the world and powers suppress them systematically so they suffer. We all can help if our heart is ready for it. MINISTRIES

The new film “The Life” from TLR is about real life with Jesus and will have wide eternal fruit. It is so powerful and full of beauty. https://tlrthelife.com. Also there is a new lesson (25th) and it is about church community in houses. A good start in this topic – the post picture is a screenshot from this video. You find the previous lessons on the main website of TLR www.thelastreformation.com.