Jesus makes people loving and helping and draws them to the Heavenly Kingdom

Many ask for the meaning of life and countless need better living conditions. We are peacemakers and help many to experience God’s grace, love, joy, peace, favour and solutions here and for eternity.

Communities, who thrive and are light and salt to others, and multiply. Helping each other and the needs of many more.


Son of God?!

God inspired life-music uplifts me. Recently I went to the final rehearsal of a winter concert. I recorded a piece of it for you.

On the streets: a young woman said that she was orthodox Jewish to distance herself. However, Jesus still draws people to himself.
Others were thankful for the information I gave them. I invited them to a personal relationship with God and referred them to– o find out more. Often I say that there is neither an organization nor a cult behind this.

Through God’s power and guidance I created some PDFs which can be found here in English and also in German.

I felt that I should organize an early Christmas present for my wife and give it to her right away. She said that it was really apt for her situation right then. God is loving! Hooray!

At the local library, I was able to spread some cheer presenting some people with some gingerbread. There I was able to watch some good DVDs about Israel, the Near East, cultures, religions and real life.

Several medical practices heard that Jesus Christ still heals today and that they can contact me for prayer. I distributed notes with to many apartments. Doing that God led me to the parsonage of the Swiss reformed Church. There they gave me a card which entitles us to go get food that shops weren’t able to sell for free. Volunteers help that this food gets to people who don’t have much. What a joy for people from different countries, like Afghanistan, Asian countries and for Swiss.

We received lots of bread which I was able to share with a foreign woman to who God led me and also with some refugees. They all were happy about it and I was able to share about Jesus with them.

I prepared God-notes in different languages with a short link on it. For example for Albanians. There they can find videos like the Jesus film, Mary Magdalene, one for children and also the Gospel of John to listen or read in their own mother tongue. You can find such link lists for a bunch of languages online.

Since we left our place of residence God always provided a new place for us, right in time. Like this, we can continue with the task that he wants us to do. Yes, since we are working for God we experience his provision and also how brothers and sisters help us. Where we were weak it was surely not God’s fault. I am looking forward to a visit to Salzburg, with my parents, where I want to go and cook for some economic refugees and hopefully show them the Jesus-film or the Mary Magdalene one. Some years ago a church lent me a projector for such work. I would love to share this ministry with other brothers and sisters. The joy is great when God enables heartfelt encounters with other Jesus followers, where Christ in the others meets Christ in me, and when we experience how others are touched by Jesus.

Unrighteousness and violence are no solutions, to the contrary, they make things worse. Many have experienced this as they went to countries for war. What misery. This is not how they learn about Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus sometimes shows up in their dreams as the true light. “More than dreams” are testimonies such happenings. These videos are available in different languages. During my visit to Pakistan, some years ago, my host invited me to be part of a meeting where he invited some mosque-preachers. God is working on those men through his word and love. Being love and light through Christ.

I wonder if there were many people who would eat meat if they knew about the birth, life and dying of animals. It is kept in the dark. Marketing makes believe of an idyllic animal world. How good are those exceptions, that can also stand in God’s eyes. They include organic-mother-cow-pasture-farming, organic grass-fed-milk, organic-brother-rooster-eggs where the male chicks may live. Mostly plant-based nutrition would lower greenhouse-gases, concerning transport, and it would prevent from food prizes to explode in poor countries as their food is exported as feed for the animals, which is highly ineffective.

Every loving person can directly donate 20 per cent of their income to Christian ministries and with that payback to the poor that have been robbed, through unintentional exploitation (natural resources for technology, clothing etc.). Donations can be made to ministries on this website or others

Honestly, who still has the guts to follow Jesus if there is humiliation or persecution – no matter what it looks like? I pray that all may come to the knowledge of God’s love and grace, as we can see it through Jesus on the cross. He died for the sin of the world so that we can, through him, have fellowship with the father.

How wonderful is God’s love, grace wisdom and power. His lovers may experience this on a daily basis in their hearts. Lord Jesus, I love you. You are my joy and you are also the joy of many others, of any race and nationality.

The Lord made me meet a farmer. We spoke for about a half an hour about God and farming according to God’s will. Then I could pray for him.
Look at God’s love and his grace. Look at his holiness which makes the love of Jesus and forgiveness shine even brighter. Ask Jesus to get to know him personally. Read the word of God, especially the New Testament.

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Hint: Start reading in the New Testament with John and Luke and then continue with Acts to Revelations.

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