House Father and Children

Hassan Mubiro, his wife Annet Nakayiza, helper Ivan Bakka.

Testimony from Hassan Mubiru, Open hearts Orphanage Ministry (OPHOM)

I was born in a muslim family and I was the youngest in a family of 33 children. I did not have much time with my Muslim father while growing up because my father died when I was seven years old. There was no possibility for much education and we never had enough to eat at home. my mother and other six children were living consistently working on a tea plantation. Some of my brothers died from hunger, malaria and measles without medication.

I gave my life to the Lord Jesus after someone spoke to me about him in 1995. This brought persecution from my family and I came to Mityana to stay away from them.

The few years at school did not help me as a young boy to learn English, the official language of my country. I even had problems forming a simple sentence, but my desire to serve God was great. From the age of 12, I spent my nights with a group of people in the Church praying for a revival of our nation.

With the few words that I could speak in English, I decided to never pray in my native language. With praying and fasting I was able to write and speak English words after a year. So prepared, I was able to attend a Bible school. All teachers came from English speaking countries, that helped a lot and I was one of the best students in my class. At the same time, I was an associate pastor in our little church. In 2006, God spoke to me to plant a church in Mityana, which succeeded in 2007.

I decided to share my basic bible knowledge with other pastors in my town and the surrounding villages, who had little or no opportunity for simple Bible training, which I am doing so far, monthly and whenever there’s an opportunity.

In 2009, God called me to look after orphans and needy children. Two years later, I was married and my wife and I decided to take these children to our home because we only had two children ourselves. The rest of the 120 children we care for at home 12 and 108 all come from poor families and most have lost one or both parents.

We started a business to support us, first with silverfish, and then switched to chicken farming. All profits go to the support of our home. Broiler chickens take a lot of our time because they eat day and night, and we take care of them and teach the children to keep them.

Because our business has little to contribute to the upkeep of this house but better than nothing at all we are so grateful to anyone who prays for this family and the donors to keep this family together. May God bless you richly. Without God putting you in this imperfect situation, we could not make it.

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Hassan Mubiru and Annet Nakayiza

Children and Youth 2017

All children and youth have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They are taught in Sunday school and have discipleship training. There is great passion to serve the Lord and their community of believers and people in the area.

Due to lacking sleeping space as the children have grown (only) 10 children are cared for in the rented house at the moment.

Here are the names of the 40 children initially cared for, their birth dates and work ideas:

Joan Nalunkuma 11 December 2002 w nurse

Easther Nalugwa 25 July 2010 w nurse

Musooto Gwoto 17 July 2009 w doctor

Alice Nankaayi 22 June 2011 w teacher

Irene Nalwadda 28 November 2001 w nurse

Immaculate Nakitende 10 November 2005 w engineer

Joel Muwanguzi 7 July 2004 m driver

Cissy Nakku 27 April 1999 w teacher

Hassan Kigongo 7 May 2003 m veterinary

Isaac Ssebagala 5 February 2005 m farmer

Mary Nanoozi 01 January 2008 w president

Sylvia Nasuuna 17 December 2002 w helping children

Proscovia Nakanwagi 20 January 2009 w nurse

Mansoor Ssetuba 8 August 1998 m construction

Ivan Mukisa 2 December 2001 m welding

Ruth Akello 22 November 2006 w doctor

Annita Namukwana 15 April 2011 w nurse

Ivan Waiswa 26 September 2008 m nurse

Shaban Iwumbwe 05 January 2008 m nurse

Harriet Nakarona 14 November 2000 w nurse

Umaazi Lunana 17 June 2010 w carpeter

Edwrine Kizito 15 December 2011 m doctor

Moses Lugendo 06 April 2005 m lawyer

Manisha Nandego 06 April 2011 w farmer

Jonathan Salusa 10 September 2010 m doctor

Anisha Mukebezi 10 December 2009 w teacher

Wittine Namuyima 26 September 2009 w lawyer

Sandra Nakasango 19 August 2007 w nurse

Rogers Tilibuze 21 September 2007 m doctor

Emmanuel Musasizi 16 August 2005 m engineer

Abu Kimera 14 July 2011 w doctor

Frank Galingoba 15 December 2010 m doctor

Alamulati Mukama 21 October 2010 w farmer

Shifla Namulata 13 July 2010 w teacher

Bakali Kayeyera 12 January 2009 w doctor

Geofrey Kasango 14 May 2006 m nurse

Nangendo Igula 09 February 2009 w lawyer

Nulu Nasiwa 11 April 2006 w teacher

Joan Namaganda 09 May 2006 w teacher

Joshua Matendo 20 Oct 1997 m doctor


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