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You could support them to have their own house shortly. So they save costs and are eased to a great extent.

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The orphans family and the work on Facebook with PicsHassan Mubiru.

Orphans family home and school for poor cared for by a pastor couple with a helper in Mityama – love, faith and hope

From Open Hearts Orphanage Ministry (OPHOM): Uganda has been hit by war, disease and poverty more than most other countries in the world. Many people died and are devastated. This leaves many children without any care. We save such children.

In Spring 2017 Pastor Hassan Mubiru from Mityama in Uganda contacted me friendly on Facebook. I checked his profile and found the orphanage which needs help.

I had the impression in the spirit that we should give something. In the meantime I mailed to a few people I know to inform them, too. I phoned with Hassan with WhatsApp call to get to know him better and the situation there.

He and his wife were caring for up to 40 children age ranging 4 to 14, mostly coming from Christian family backgrounds. Both parents have died or the lone mother can’t support their child enough. Sometimes also couples are not able to do so. So children are coming here. As the sleeping places have got to small for the children only 10 could stay.

Hassan is pastor of the Disciples Christian Fellowship Church and runs a small business. He and his wife sell little fish.

I was interested how a typical day looks like in the orphanage:

At 6 a.m. they pray together with 28 children who go to the nearby schools and food is prepared for them. Some children in the right age for school can’t go right now because money for the school fees for the public school is lacking.

 At 10 a.m. the other children get breakfast.

 When the school children come back around 1 p.m. the have meal if there is something to eat. Sometimes the money for food is missing. Then they head back to school.

Between 4 and 5 p.m. they come back to the orphanage. Now they clean their clothes and bath.

Around 8 p.m. all pray and eat dinner if there is something. Some finish open works for the school.

And how is the social surrounding?

The region shows different religions. More protestant believers than pentecostal. Many Muslims and more religions.

Most people are poor and have no stable income. They live from about $1 a day. The government is not helping enough. Among protestants there are some rich who work in the government.

House and Land

Hassan could buy a piece of land where they are cultivating vegetable now. Also a house could be built on a part of this land. They are paying back the loan.

Hassan plans to have a fish farm one day on the land for a good income.


About 100 and the orphanage family children can go there. The teachers engage themselves through the love of Christ.


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