God alone is good and what He wants to accomplish through Christ in us

No matter if we are poor or rich, married or single, young or middle-aged we all want love and good fellowship, meaning, peace and also an adventure in life. We want to feel joy, love and peace inside.

Many tried to find it in pleasures or material and other achievements but these busted and leave with an empty heart each time.

God gives us all what we really long for. He makes it inside of us, He wants to be this love, peace and joy inside of us if we follow his invitation.

He makes us love, endure, forgive, go the second mile.

He cheers us up, comforts us, forgives us, helps us, leads up, gives us presents and gifts.

He gives us tasks that are perfectly suited for us.

With Him life makes sense, we understand the world.

He is our joy in the quietness, with Him we can talk about anything. He changes our mind, thinking and feeling.

He brings together people because he wants to bless them.

He pours out grace so much.

He draws our hearts with His love and renews them.

He wins our hearts by his sacrificing gentle love.

He is Jesus Christ, the Lord, the Son in spirit, the spirit of God, grace, wisdom and power of God the Father in spirit.

Be born again and live with God


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