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Touched and richly gifted in Abbottabad

The love of God led people to incorporate orphans and thus found an orphan family. 40 children are offered love, hope and escape from misery.

God showed the orphan’s mother that HE cares about the children. In 2012 the Lord pointed this ministry out to me, and also to give. The money went to Pakistan instead of booking an international holiday. Instead we were immediately given a nice holiday at my parents’ home.

My wife and I could not regularly contribute as much as needed. So I telephoned with some charities and one was prepared by the Lord. It had a YES in prayer to send a certain amount to the orphans’ family a month, and even the leaders financed me a trip to this place, so I could take pictures and report.

When I arrived in Abbottabad, it was like meeting friends. I was impressed by the dedication and love of one another, caretakers and children, children among themselves. The volunteering careers and teachers talk about how richly they are awarded.

Winter nights in Abbottabad go down to 43 °F or 6 °C, warm blankets are needed. And midsummer days can be really hot.

Their costs are $2,500 per month but more funding is needed in fact to help the helpers by paying them a salary.

Building a house instead of the current rent would reduce costs long ranging.

Also a vocational training center shall be included to prepare youth for work.

And it will create opportunities for income as a school. The Muslim majority people highly value Christian schoole because of the impated values and skills. 

At the right time the necessary $300,000 will come.

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Be blessed and a blessing through Jesus Christ

Klaus Neuwirth


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