“When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments —tenderness for what he is and respect for what he may become.” – Louis Pasteur
Dear Faithful Prayer Partners,

We wish you and your loved ones a Blessed Easter! Let us all celebrate our Saviour’s victory!
You have played a great role in our lives as well as in the lives of those children we are ministering to.
So many things happened in two months that we have to just select what to share on this prayer news.
Please know that you are constantly in our prayers & we appreciate what you do. God bless you!
The children are learning about self-esteem and about their value in God’s eyes. They listen well and are very attentive. One day, after I have finished and packed my stuffs, they sat still looking at me. I asked: “Do you want to learn more?” They said: “Yes!”
Naomi Plant is sharing with the grade 7 – inspiring them to have positive relationships.
These children are so hungry for God’s Word, that they were willing to sit outside even if the hall is not available for us to use. They said: “We can just sit here!”
Two of the YFC girls had their parents visiting them – not only to see Cape Town but to visit the different ministries as well.
Thank you very much CCK for the stationary. It is very important for a child to know that he’s got the right tools for his/her education.
The Word of God is always and still the best gift ever. Thanks to Bible For Everyone.
The power of a Gospel tool.
I clip the small evange-cube on my jeans. Kids always want to know what it is and I share the message of the Gospel. Most of the time it happens during break. The Beckers brought us more. Thank you very much!!! They are handy & powerful!
February Camp
A BIG thumb Up to  those of you who gave, prayed or assisted us physically.
The children had a good time: they learned God’s Word – the Fruit of the Spirit – , they danced, they sang, they ate, they played, they had fun. It is one of those time they will never forget. This is the time, most of their talents showed up!
Each one of them received a sling bag (pictured above), a t-shirt, hygiene packs to name a few.  Once again, thank you! God bless you! Others at school keep asking “When is the next camp?”
Eating inside and outside
Making crafts at the camp
Some feedback
From Kids

We enjoyed the lesson and the game also – playing dart. We learned a lot about the Almighty God. We danced a lot. (Kaleb)
Thank you for everything & it was mostly of God. (John)
Thank you for your wisdom & generosity. Thank you for this camp. (Chadley)
Thank you very much for this weekend & we appreciate everything you’ve done for us at school and this weekend. We love you very much. (Richard)
From one of the Leaders
(Brother Lukas – team leader)
Thank you personally from my side. The “Fruits of the Spirit” theme spoke to me personally and God willing it will have a lasting impact on all those learners attending the Camp. God bless all those Prayers Warriors and Christians who always support Tina and Willie. They do momentous work for God and His children. May God strengthen your ministry as you spread the love of God to the kids, which some of them don’t always experience at home….. May the shalom of God reign in your ministry.
  • For the school’s staffs & principals that allow us to minister to the learners.
  • For the children who are ministered to by the Word of God.
  • For the faithful commitment of our team.
  • For His faithfulness in our lives & ministries
  • That our heavenly Father will continue to guide, protect & provide for our needs – we need a divine connection & a mission house.
  • Rachel and her health.
  • The YFC team’s health & protection.
  • Pray for L* – a muslim boy who is seeking, that the Holy Spirit will continue to minister to him until he says ‘yes’ to Jesus.
  • Pray for Monique – a grade 7 learner who gave birth in February, that she will continue to experience God’s unconditional love through us and the other teachers.
  • For all the learners to keep on following Christ despite peer pressure – especially against immorality & gangs’ influence.
Thanking you for your generosity, love & prayers.
Humbly following Jesus,

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