Accounts and Transfer data
All Love flow accounts and all transfer data for transactions directly to the receivers in their countries.

Debit/Credit Card

To Love flow and Godstyleliving.
To the ministries in Pakistan. Sender and receiver use their own private bank account.
Also useful to South Africa for amounts above $700.

To HEART Uganda: If you live in the U.S., Canada or UK, and have a debit card it could be the best and fastest choice. Choose MTN Mobile Money.

Debit or credit card needed.
To HEROES South Africa‘s bank account.
To HEART Uganda selecting MTN Mobile Money. Donations usually arrive within minutes on the phone.

Do you have further questions about donations and support or other? Write to us. We will be happy to answer your questions or other suggestions!

Klaus Neuwirth
Managing Director

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  • FAMILY Pakistan (FP) Home of Hope
  • VOICE Pakistan (VP) Voice of the voiceless
  • CHRIST Pakistan (CP)
  • LIFE Pakistan (LP) New Zoi
  • SERVE Pakistan (SP) SSHM
  • HEART Uganda (HU) OPHOM
  • HEROES  South Africa (HS) 3eministry
  • GODSTYLELIVING Switzerland (GS) admin Klaus, (GKa) admin Katharina
  • LOVE FLOW for free use (LF) admin Klaus


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  • Do you need a tax confirmation at year’s end (tax deduction for Switzerland)?
  • If you wish:
    Message, more contact data
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    Why do you give? What can be done better?
    Do you want to join the work, or visit a ministry?
    Receive a friends’ letter from one of the ministries?

Invite friends to help. A link like Love, healing, freedom, forgiveness and eternal life in Christ can be shared also.