Still the word of Christ is telling us to help the ones living righteously and in need of help is helping Christ as he lives in these.

Love flow is a charity registered in Switzerland. You can send to us. Or directly to a ministry in one of the countries. See fee friendly options below and the Transfer Data. Blue characters indicate links.

Debit/Credit Card

Love flow accounts


To the ministries in Pakistan. and to Love flow. Sender and receiver use their own private bank accountTransfer Data


To HEART Uganda: If you live in the U.S., Canada or UK, and have a debit card it could be the best and fastest choice. Choose MTN Mobile Money. Transfer Data.


Debit or credit card needed.
To HEROES South Africa‘s bank account.
To HEART Uganda selecting MTN Mobile Money. Donations usually arrive within minutes on the phone.
Transfer Data

Please fill out the following so we can see the purpose and sender for correct attribution.


Invite friends

If you consider inviting others to share you can also add a link like Love, healing, freedom, forgiveness and eternal life in Christ.

Visit a ministry

We are looking forward to people who you visit a ministry, make a personal report and become an ambassador for one ministry.