It would be great if you also invite others to share so all works may be supported more and more. People also need to know the Love, Wisdom and Power of God in Christ for themselves so they get renewed to love.

Who has is on the heart can support Love flow (LF) and Klaus & Katharina Neuwirth (ME).

Transfer data

Donating options

Please pray and maybe read the following to find the best transfer option for you to a work you want to support.


  • Shall be reliable, with no or low fees added or deducted, easy and fast (if urgent).

  • Transfer service differ according to the target country

  • Costs include transaction fee of the transfer service and currency exchange markup/fee


Check out easily on Best way to the works in Pakistan. 1% costs. One week. Recipients can be saved. From private to private bank account via TransferWise. Use a bonus link to register, like ours:

Used by Love flow.


Check out on Debit or credit card needed. Best way to South Africa bank account 3% costs. To Pakistan bank account 2%. To Uganda phone MTN Mobile Money 4.5%. Money arrives in minutes mostly in Uganda on the phone. The donation mostly arrives in minutes. Online registration. Recipients can be saved. Use a bonus link to register, like ours:

Used by Love flow.


Best choice from U.S., Canada and UK to Uganda. 2% costs. Money arrives in minutes. Phone to phone. Debit card needed. Inside choose MTN Mobile Money.

Credit card donation on website

3% costs. Plus 2% for currency exchange when card is not USD. 7-10 days until payed out to our U.S. account.

Available on Love flow soon.

Bank accounts

Inside many countries transfers are fee free often.

Inside the U.S.: ACH costs $0-10 and arrives in 3 days. Wire costs $9 and needs some hours.

Border crossing transfers and currency exchanges have multiple costs compared to other transfer options.

Love flow accounts are available in EU, UK and U.S. for domestic transfers.


Contact us if you need help.