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At a glance

It is about people like you and me whose hearts were touched for others and now they help them.

Often these are people who have experienced the love and grace of God in Christ. Now they love God back by serving him, helping others and sharing with the needy as God provides and guides them.

Orphans and other endangered and suffering who live in Pakistan, Uganda and South Africa are helped holistically to have a fruitful future. Many of them will help others later.

Love flow is a small charity in Switzerland, 8472 Seuzach/ZH, Trottenstr. 3B, administered by Klaus Neuwirth with support of the other board members.

It reports of what God is doing through disciples of Christ. By the grace and empowerment of God children and people are saved and helped.

People in Europe and North America are given the opportunity to support these people and ministries. As the Lord says ‘Who helps the least helps me.’

Welcome to join in prayer, serving or donating.

You can have direct contact with me and the workers in these countries. You are an encouragement and blessing in Christ.

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History – What God has done – Vision, mission and strategy


Compelled by the love of God and Christ in me I, Klaus, decided to help Home of Hope which is an orphanage in Abbottabad / Pakistan that was in acute need, instead of booking a vacation. This is how I felt God leading me. We gave what we had. Right afterwards God helped me find a Christian aid organisation whose leaders were guided in prayer to support this orphanage regularly with a certain amount (Inter-Mission Schweiz).

This organisation sent me to visit the orphanage where I also got to meet those devoted volunteers who take care of the children and who teach them. The volunteers are also open for advice regarding God‘s word and will, and about building bridges of understanding and trust to the world here in Europe and North America.


Among the volunteers and board members of this orphanage, there are people who – besides investing themselves in the children‘s lives – impact their society for good in several ways, sometimes one by one and sometimes group after group. They do this by furthering peace, helping people to renew their thinking and healing of hearts, by providing material and spiritual help, teaching, training and serious help for income chances for the poor. I realised that I should help them as I can. And to let other people know about their ministries.


Both the Christian aid organisation and a church in Germany along with a pastor and his wife entrust me with transfering money securely and fee reduced to the orphanage on a monthly basis.


Another orphan ministry (Open Heart Ministry in Uganda) reached my heart along with others who gave to them.

The Lord showed me to create this website where I can present all the projects/ministries I am connected within an adequate way, where there is also space for updates. A loving brother helped me a lot. And my wife helps with revising my English or wording whenever I ask her.

Together with two friends, I was able to establish a charity named Love flow to which Swiss authorities granted tax exemption and benefit for donors.

God provided new donors for some ministries. They donated either directly or via Love flow, after an invitation by me or my wife.

God encouraged me to add transfer options like online transfers to the projects or to Love flow via free borderless accounts and via credit or debit card in addition to ordinary bank accounts.


It seems that many disciples of Jesus are already investing in many charities and good causes.

To find new donors God gave me the strategy to make disciples of Christ by introducing them to his love, to the gospel of the cross which is Christ who gave himself for our sins and now lovingly reigns over all and renews hearts.

So I work on the presentation of the projects, of Love flow and once a year I want to communicate to existing contacts about what God is doing.

I do this for God‘s glory and will also reach out to new people with the gospel of grace and God‘s kingdom. Giving and doing good is a lifestyle from God by Christ.

believe some people are drawn to God when giving and seeing God‘s mercy in action. Others start giving after Christ has come into their hearts. Both ways salvation and giving are connected. As I – and you – reach out with the gospel and also share about God‘s heart and invitations new hearts will be won for God and his manifold works.