Love flow is a small charity in Switzerland, 8472 Seuzach/ZH, Trottenstr. 3B, done mostly by Klaus Neuwirth with support by his wife Katharina by the grace and empowerment of God, presenting the works of followers of Christ in these poor countries and giving people the opportunity to support these people and works who save others. As the Lord says who helps the least helps me. Co-workers are welcome to join with their talents.

You can have contact with the workers in these poor countries and with us from Love flow as you wish. Each contact can be an encouragement and blessing in Christ for us and the workers there.

Klaus Mobile +41774435788 WhatsApp. Email: loveflow tuta io – surely you see the two missing characters (spam protection). We are happy to have friendly contacts and answer any questions.

Klaus & Katharina Neuwirth