Concerns for Orphanage and School for Poor Children

From Open hearts Orphanage Ministry (OPHOM):

One of the most challenging things for us is to pay the rent for the current home.

We already have a plot for our desired orphanage, we would be very happy to have a house there for the children.

The operating costs should be low. To do that, we dig a well and install solar panels for electricity.

This will save us twice as much money for rescuing children from poverty, trafficking, illness and death.

Nobody is paid for administrative work in OPHOM. Unfortunately, food prices have risen sharply.

A small school, where about 100 children from poor backgrounds are allowed, has been started and the children are being taught.

Concerns of the supervisors on site:

Being able to finance your own home and save a lot on rent – construction costs would be $ 45,000 for 40 children or 15,000 for 8-12 children. That would make the rent of $ 1,200 unnecessary in the future.

That the arrears can be paid to teachers’ wages and rent for the orphanage and that everything necessary for orphanage and school can be financed constantly and on time.


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