Which Works Are Presented? How Are They Accompanied?

  1. Somebody approaches me on the internet, facebook

  2. Impression in the spirit that I shall deal with it, moving it before God

  3. Internet and facebook research about the work and workers

    1. Online presence

    2. References by people

      1. Who are or were at the place of the work

      2. If none, others who have or had contact

      3. Video or voice call with these; sharing of impressions and experiences

  4. Video or voice call according to bandwith, emails, asking for information, checking willingness, be kept up to date

    1. Testimonies, as God provided them so far, what they do actively

    2. History, motivation, relationship networks, pictures, videos

    3. Official structures, is it a registered association

    4. Names of the members

  5. Prayer; provide guidance, advice, information, accounting templates, encouragement, networking activities, preparation of annual reports, and assist with a favorable way of international money transfer

  6. See how God triggers donations and takes care of them at the right time

  7. When God guides it, personal meeting locally with people, helpers and beneficiaries, in the group and some also individually for a deeper contact

  8. Whatever is needed to promote the trust of potential donors, to consider their information needs, and to help them to act as partners … as the Lord leads each one

Mercy in the word

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