Loving home for poor children in Mityana

Ophom orphanage

Update from the pastor May 2018

Discipleship lessons for the children with materials from Love flow and ones developed by myself has been a blessing to children lives in this month May so far and there’s nothing like seeing a tender heart for the Lord and this age.
By the grace of God much has been accomplished about the bills of March we give glory to his Holy name, we still have to deal with food supplement debt of $500 water and electricity $700 bills of April and looking forward to $6,000 still needed to start the house building we have to leave this house by 30th June 2018 much grace is needed and every prayer will make a difference.


With the missing rest for $ 10,000 they would be able to initiate the building process which should be finished also in this time. The total cost of the building is 50,000. If a credit is taken for 40,000 if could be paid off with 700 monthly for 6 years only instead of 1,200 rent today.


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