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HEROES South Africa (HS) – 3eministry – Willie & Tina De Klerk teach children in disadvantaged areas of Capetown life skills and provide the chance to know Jesus. This brings strength for living fruitful amidst of gangs, drug abuse and criminal careers. Their wish is a training center for more helpers. Website  Description  Updates

FAMILY Pakistan (FP) – HOH – Home of Hope in Abbottabad – About 40 orphans life with the house mother Elizebeth James and others as family and are cared for holistically. The leaders dream of an own house also for school for more children from the area and preparing youth for work life with vocational training.  Description  Updates

CHRIST Pakistan (CP) – Mashal James cares and teaches in HOH, FAMILY Pakistan, a loving elder brother for the children and youth. He is reaching out to people with Christ and people’s hearts get renewed for mercy by the love of God. Description  Updates

LIFE Pakistan (LP) – New Zoi – Hanoch Munir brings new life to many. God’s love and heart renewal reaches villages in Punjab. He and his wife adopted orphans and live as a big Familie. A school originated and widows are taught in sewing.  Website  Description  Updates

SERVE Pakistan (SP) – SSHM – Patras Ghanis and his family help suffering children and adults in Toba Tek Singh and Kagan valley. Living together with many children. School.  Website  Description  Updates

VOICE Pakistan (VP) – Voice of Voiceless – VOV – Zakir Hussains helps people in need before court. He reaches out with others to bring medicine to villages and also some peoples’ hearts get changed. His good reputation and access to multiplicators in the region help for more love and mercy.  Description  Updates

HEART Uganda (HU) – OPHOM – Hassan Mubiru leads an orphanage family, a school and boarding for poor children in Mityama. Website  Description  Updates

GODstylelivingKlaus (GS) brings foundations for life and love. He is responsible for Love flow. Katharina (GKa) helps people to become renewed and get strong.  Website  Updates

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