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Visiting several countries – Teaching & direct giving are most effective

We travelled to a refugee camp in Greece, to Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. This was done as cost-conscious as possible. This way average life was seen and experienced. I visited a slum in New Dehli. Through internet and on airports we then had real life contacts who showed us a part of the world of the richer in India also.

Many refugees or other poor in these countries live in depressing situations. People and governments are more and more disillusioned about existing systems in their countries. They are fed up with corrupt “guides” and with the kind of bishops who have their belly more in mind than the welfare of all people.

We are aware that only obeying to the Lord and his teachings will have the desired positive effects without hurting or exploiting others. The Kingdom of God provides the only model for the world for overflowing blessings with no negative side effect.

Even some governments realized this and some get thirsty about implementing, So it needs good teaching to hear God themselves and discover his treasures in his word. God has solutions for all these situations and countries if we only submit to him and his ways which are so much above ours.

So, what helps most, is teaching and direct giving

  1. How to have hearts of people changed for good so no help is wasted because it is used sustainably
  2. What principles help to blossom on individual, family and society level
  3. Where to get/give most effective help

We hope that God will use this journey to keep our hearts open for the needy and make it easier to raise awareness for the world’s peoples’ situations.

So it shall be easier to bring people in countries with broader spread wealth to understand their part to do.

Love flow offers direct transfer options to the target works of engaged grass root people in several countries.



Donating is simplier now

See the donation page. I would be glad if more visitors support the siblings for their service on a regular or one-time basis. I praise God who faithfully cares.  Thanks to David who faithfully forwards donations for works in Pakistan.

Spiritual strengthening



Jesus makes people loving and helping and draws them to the Heavenly Kingdom

Many ask for the meaning of life and countless need better life conditions. We are peacemakers and help many to experience God’s grace, love, joy, peace, favor and solutions here and for eternity.

Communities, who thrive and are light and salt to others, and multiply. Helping each other and the needs of many more.


Son of God?!

God inspired life-music uplifts me. Recently I went to the final rehearsal of a winter concert. I recorded a piece of it for you.

On the streets: a young woman said that she was orthodox Jewish to distance herself. However, Jesus still draws people to himself.
Others were thankful for the information I gave them. I invited them to a personal relationship with God and referred them to to find out more. Often I say that there is neither an organization nor a cult behind this.

Through God’s power and guidance I created some PDFs which can be found here in English and also in German.

I felt that I should organize an early Christmas present for my wife and give it to her right away. She said that it was really apt for her situation right then. God is loving! Hooray!

At the local library I was able to spread some cheer presenting some people with some ginger bread. There I was able to watch some good dvds about Israel, the Near East, cultures, religions and real life.

Several medical practices heard that Jesus Christ still heals today and that they can contact me for prayer. I distributed notes with to many apartments. Doing that God led me to the parsonage of the Swiss reformed Church. There they gave me a card which entitles us to go get food that shops weren’t able to sell for free. Volunteers help that this food gets to people who don’t have much. What a joy for people from different countries, like Afghanistan, Asian countries and for Swiss.

We received lots of bread which I was able to share with a foreign woman to who God led me and also with some refugees. They all were happy about it and I was able to share about Jesus with them.

I prepared God-notes in different languages with a short link on it. For example for Albanians. There they can find videos like the Jesus film, Mary Magdalene, one for children and also the Gospel of John to listen or read in their own mother tongue. You can find such link lists for a bunch of languages online.

Since we left our place of residence God always provided a new place for us, right in time. Like this we can continue with the task that he wants us to do. Yes, since we are working for God we experience his provision and also how brothers and sisters help us. Where we were weak it was surely not God’s fault. I am looking forward to a visit in Salzburg, with my parents, where I want to go and cook for some economic refugees and hopefully show them the Jesus-film or the Mary Magdalene one. Some years ago a church lent me a projector for such work. I would love to share this ministry with other brothers and sisters. The joy is great when God enables heartfelt encounters with other Jesus followers, where Christ in the others meets Christ in me, and when we experience how others are touched by Jesus.

Unrighteousness and violence are no solutions, to the contrary, they make things worse. Many have experienced this as they went to countries for war. What misery. This is not how they learn about Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus sometimes shows up in their dreams as the true light. “More than dreams” are testimonies such happenings. These videos are available in different languages. During my visit in Pakistan, some years ago, my host invited me to be part of a meeting where he invited some mosque-preachers. God is working on those men through his word and love. Being love and light through Christ.

I wonder if there were many people who would eat meat if they knew about the birth, life and dying of animals. It is kept in the dark. Marketing makes believe of an idyllic animal world. How good are those exceptions, that can also stand in God’s eyes. They include: organic-mother-cow-pasture-farming, organic grass-fed-milk, organic-brother-rooster-eggs where the male chicks may live. A mostly plant based nutrition would lower greenhouse-gases, concerning transport, and it would prevent from food prizes to explode in poor countries as their food is exported as feed for the animals, which is highly ineffective.

Every loving person can directly donate 20 percent of their income to Christian ministries and with that pay back to the poor that have been robbed, through unintentional exploitation (natural resources for technology, clothing etc.). Donations can be made to ministries on this website or others

Honestly, who still has the guts to follow Jesus if there is humiliation or persecution – no matter what it looks like? I pray that all may come to the knowledge of God’s love and grace, as we can see it through Jesus on the cross. He died for the sin of the world so that we can, through him, have fellowship with the father.

How wonderful is God’s love, grace wisdom and power. His lovers may experience this on a daily basis in their hearts. Lord Jesus I love you. You are my joy and you are also the joy of many others, of any race and nationality.

The Lord made me meet a farmer. We spoke for about a half an hour about God and farming according to God’s will. Then I could pray for him.
Look at God’s love and his grace. Look at his holiness which makes the love of Jesus and forgiveness shine even brighter. Ask Jesus to get to know him personally. Read the word of God, especially the New Testament.

Book or App

Hint: Start reading in the New Testament with John and Luke and then continue with Acts to Revelations.

Personal Help-Offers

Peace for Organizations, Churches, Communities, Nations

About us – my wife and me. We are happy if people support the work.

Further, there are other people and ministries on this website that do good, help others and make others become helpers through the love, grace and power in Jesus Christ.

HEART Uganda

House built, now a garden to be self sufficient for good nutrition

Open Heart Orphanage is reaching the level of independence in terms of house rent and now an opportunity to cater for daily feeding, it normally cost us $3,000 to feed all the 120 children we care for as floods and weather changes are invading Uganda with loss of hundreds of people food prices have tripled and as of now it cost $5,000 to feed the children per month which is expected to continue in the country all the food we have will feed the children until 1st January 2019.

As some of you maybe aware that our orphanage have no income generating projects that’s why we keep on asking for donations now we have an opportunity near the orphanage were two acres are on sale at $30,000 with this land our team together with the children can make a garden for enough food, vegetables can take two to three weeks to harvest and other types of food may take three to six weeks to harvest, one man said give a fish to a man and feed him all his and give him a catch net and he will feed himself for the rest of the time, it is too hard nearly impossible to keep on seeking funds for food on daily basis which we fail to do some times and kids go days without food we think that this is an opportunity for Open Heart Orphanage to become independent even if no one will donate the children will still survive without any starvation if we have this land.

We have no commitment fee at the moment to stop the owner from taking this land to the market we ask you givers and all lover of needy children around the world to see how you can stand with us a commitment fee of $1,000 is urgently needed for a commitment agreement between Open Heart Orphanage and the owner.

We hope that the sooner we have this land it will provide us enough time at least to garden vegetables and simple food stuffs before 1st January 2019 to sustain the orphanage before other food is harvested. the information we have now is that once we raise 50% of $30,000 which is $15,000 we can have access on this land as we continue to raise the remaining money.

We ask you to pray, and share and donate to secure this piece of land.

Donate via Love flow or directly to Uganda.

Send a donation below:

Bank Transfers:
TO BANK: Centenary Rural Development Bank LTD Mityana Branch
ADDRESS: Uganda, Kampala

Beneficially Name: Open Heart Orphanage Ministry
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 9020443336

Let us know if you can also use world remit, wave, western union or moneygram on this email: or text +256789456996

P.o.Box 117 Mityana Uganda-East Africa
Tel: +256789456996
Facebook: Like us on facebook
Skype: openheartnpv
Whatsapp: +256794338731

Non profit Organization Registration Number 80020000239283


Great need. Support spreading love islands.

Effective love and hope for orphans and widows through grassroots projects – Donate – Deductible in Switzerland.


God alone is good and what He wants to accomplish through Christ in us

No matter if we are poor or rich, married or single, young or middle-aged we all want love and good fellowship, meaning, peace and also adventure in life. We want to feel joy, love and peace inside.

Many tried to find it in pleasures or material and other achievements but these busted and leave with an empty heart each time.

God gives us all what we really long for. He makes it inside of us, He wants to be this love, peace and joy inside of us, if we follow his invitation.

He makes us love, endure, forgive, go the second mile.

He cheers us up, comforts us, forgives us, helps us, leads up, gives us presents and gifts.

He gives us tasks that are perfectly suited for us.

With Him life makes sense, we understand the world.

He is our joy in the quietness, with Him we can talk about anything. He changes our mind, thinking and feeling.

He brings together people because he wants to bless them.

He pours out grace so much.

He draws our hearts with His love and renews them.

He wins our hearts by his sacrificing gentle love.

He is Jesus Christ, the Lord, the Son in spirit, the spirit of God, grace, wisdom and power of God the father in spirit.

Be born again and live with God


HEROES South Africa


“When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments —tenderness for what he is and respect for what he may become.” – Louis Pasteur
Dear Faithful Prayer Partners,

We wish you and your loved ones a Blessed Easter! Let us all celebrate our Saviour’s victory!
You have played a great role in our lives as well as in the lives of those children we are ministering to.
So many things happened in two months that we have to just select what to share on this prayer news.
Please know that you are constantly in our prayers & we appreciate what you do. God bless you!
The children are learning about self-esteem and about their value in God’s eyes. They listen well and are very attentive. One day, after I have finished and packed my stuffs, they sat still looking at me. I asked: “Do you want to learn more?” They said: “Yes!”
Naomi Plant is sharing with the grade 7 – inspiring them to have positive relationships.
These children are so hungry for God’s Word, that they were willing to sit outside even if the hall is not available for us to use. They said: “We can just sit here!”
Two of the YFC girls had their parents visiting them – not only to see Cape Town but to visit the different ministries as well.
Thank you very much CCK for the stationary. It is very important for a child to know that he’s got the right tools for his/her education.
The Word of God is always and still the best gift ever. Thanks to Bible For Everyone.
The power of a Gospel tool.
I clip the small evange-cube on my jeans. Kids always want to know what it is and I share the message of the Gospel. Most of the time it happens during break. The Beckers brought us more. Thank you very much!!! They are handy & powerful!
February Camp
A BIG thumb Up to  those of you who gave, prayed or assisted us physically.
The children had a good time: they learned God’s Word – the Fruit of the Spirit – , they danced, they sang, they ate, they played, they had fun. It is one of those time they will never forget. This is the time, most of their talents showed up!
Each one of them received a sling bag (pictured above), a t-shirt, hygiene packs to name a few.  Once again, thank you! God bless you! Others at school keep asking “When is the next camp?”
Eating inside and outside
Making crafts at the camp
Some feedback
From Kids

We enjoyed the lesson and the game also – playing dart. We learned a lot about the Almighty God. We danced a lot. (Kaleb)
Thank you for everything & it was mostly of God. (John)
Thank you for your wisdom & generosity. Thank you for this camp. (Chadley)
Thank you very much for this weekend & we appreciate everything you’ve done for us at school and this weekend. We love you very much. (Richard)
From one of the Leaders
(Brother Lukas – team leader)
Thank you personally from my side. The “Fruits of the Spirit” theme spoke to me personally and God willing it will have a lasting impact on all those learners attending the Camp. God bless all those Prayers Warriors and Christians who always support Tina and Willie. They do momentous work for God and His children. May God strengthen your ministry as you spread the love of God to the kids, which some of them don’t always experience at home….. May the shalom of God reign in your ministry.
  • For the school’s staffs & principals that allow us to minister to the learners.
  • For the children who are ministered to by the Word of God.
  • For the faithful commitment of our team.
  • For His faithfulness in our lives & ministries
  • That our heavenly Father will continue to guide, protect & provide for our needs – we need a divine connection & a mission house.
  • Rachel and her health.
  • The YFC team’s health & protection.
  • Pray for L* – a muslim boy who is seeking, that the Holy Spirit will continue to minister to him until he says ‘yes’ to Jesus.
  • Pray for Monique – a grade 7 learner who gave birth in February, that she will continue to experience God’s unconditional love through us and the other teachers.
  • For all the learners to keep on following Christ despite peer pressure – especially against immorality & gangs’ influence.
Thanking you for your generosity, love & prayers.
Humbly following Jesus,

Our bank details:
Absa Bank
savings Account
Branch code 632005
Swift bic: ABSAZAJJ
Tiana de Klerk


Our mailing address is:
*|Willie & Tiana de Klerk
Po Box 18307
Wynberg 7824
Cape Town – RSA

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CHRIST Pakistan

God’s word for Sikhs on pilgrimage

Last week Thursday to Saturday I was serving Lord Jesus in Bhesaki Mela at Hassanabdal. Where Sikh came for pilgrim from all over the world.
It was great time. We shared the word of God among them. We stayed there for 3 days. 75 New Testament  and 18 Bibles and other literature were distributed.
We met 3 sikh friends who met us last year there we gave them Gospel and some other books. When we met they shared their testimonies. We prayed together.
SERVE Pakistan

Stationery for school children in Kagan

Like every year we want to go to Kagan in the beginning of June to bring stationery to 200 children in the school.


VOICE Pakistan

The Goodness of God shown to others

Every year VOV arranges Iftar Dinner in which Christian and Muslim Religious, Political leaders beside social workers, Peace keeping agencies and the officials from Local Administration are invited.
Like a minor addition last year, We are glad to submit that we are moving a step ahead by His grace, this time we are committed to arrange interfaith gathering with University students.This activity has brought knowledge, peace and tolerance among Christian and Muslim students in our past gatherings. 
We will arrange Inter-faith Iftar dinner for Christian Muslim Religious, Political Leaders, Peace keeping agencies beside officials from Local administration and University students. These activities help to promote Love, Peace and harmony among communities beside bringing them together. God’s word can be shared and touches people.
But this year we do not have founds to arrange this activity so please keep our funds in your Personal,Family & Congregational Prayers. 

Budget for Inter-faith Iftar Dinner:
60   Person All Faith communities:          60 x 1000     =    60,000
Mis. Expenses:                                                                10,000
Total:                                                                            70,000

Budget for Iftar Dinner for University Students:
30 Invitees (Male & Female)                 30 x 1500     =      30,000
Mis. Expenses                                                                10,000

Total:                                                                           40,000

Grand Total                                                                 110,000

Keep praying for resources and opportunities.
In Him

Taking and giving

In the World

Not trusting and submitting to God who is almighty – and because of this:

Greed, ego, fear

Trusting in money, people, systems, magic

Betraying, stealing and lying, unfair behavior against the weak in the world

Looking away from the distress of other people, ignoring the needs of brothers and sisters in the world

Ignoring injustice against other people

Exploitation of poor or week by a corrupted world trade system

Killing of unborn children in the womb

Buying, selling, trading of products which are produced unfair and with exploitation of people, animals and land

Governments dominated by corporations

Corporations dominated by banks

Banks dominated by a few leading banks which are controlled by a few families

Burdens by interests

Dismissing or leaving the spouse for another

Law of the stronger

Good is called evil and evil is called good

Claim of some people mothers should be allowed to kill their child in the womb

Contamination of the environment and destroying of the livelihood of people for own profit

Unfair wages and working conditions in the third world

Tax havens where rich do not pay tax according to their riches

Pharmaceutical products which make you sick

Destruction of natural healthy foods and patenting of food

Accept animal suffering to eat cheap meat

Accept suffering of others in order to have more for oneself

Individualism – people, family, groups only care for themselves

Revenge by people

New free energy technologies are suppressed

Rape victims are banned by their family in many cultures

Few own and control almost everything for their own advantage on the expense of others

Destroying of countries for profit

Suppress others

Corruption and bend the right for the own sake

Lifetime debt bondage and lifetime slave shaft


Living for pleasure only

Fraud, defamation

Disobedience to parents

Not resolving injustices

All evil

If you are looking for evidence, just search the internet, think, see.

Kingdom of God

Enter now …

God’s love, wisdom and strength planted in the heart, Christ in people.

Trusting God – God our loving father.

Love, trust, hope, peace, joy and comfort in the heart.

People are creatures of God who live in relationship with God through Christ.

Loving others like myself. Caring for others as for myself.

Everyone serves with his or her gifts (spiritually and materially) the others.

Rich share generously with the poor.

God bestows blessings like honey, where brothers live together in peace.

Healthy natural foods that are healing.

Also animals as part of creation are cared for their well-being.

Forgiveness and community

Use the body for good

Compassion and justice

All good

Everything starts with the renewal of hearts.


HEART Uganda

Loving home for poor children in Mityana

Ophom orphanage

Update from the pastor May 2018

Discipleship lessons for the children with materials from Love flow and ones developed by myself has been a blessing to children lives in this month May so far and there’s nothing like seeing a tender heart for the Lord and this age.
By the grace of God much has been accomplished about the bills of March we give glory to his Holy name, we still have to deal with food supplement debt of $500 water and electricity $700 bills of April and looking forward to $6,000 still needed to start the house building we have to leave this house by 30th June 2018 much grace is needed and every prayer will make a difference.


With the missing rest for $ 10,000 they would be able to initiate the building process which should be finished also in this time. The total cost of the building is 50,000. If a credit is taken for 40,000 if could be paid off with 700 monthly for 6 years only instead of 1,200 rent today.


FAMILY Pakistan

Home of Hope – FAMILY Pakistan – Orphans’ Family with Education

Support needed.
Their website and Facebook page.

Touched and richly gifted in Abbottabad

The love of God led people to incorporate orphans and thus found an orphan family. 40 children are offered love, hope and escape from misery.

God showed the orphan’s mother that HE cares about the children. In 2012 the Lord pointed this ministry out to me, and also to give. The money went to Pakistan instead of booking an international holiday. Instead we were immediately given a nice holiday at my parents’ home.

My wife and I could not regularly contribute as much as needed. So I telephoned with some charities and one was prepared by the Lord. It had a YES in prayer to send a certain amount to the orphans’ family a month, and even the leaders financed me a trip to this place, so I could take pictures and report.

When I arrived in Abbottabad, it was like meeting friends. I was impressed by the dedication and love of one another, caretakers and children, children among themselves. The volunteering careers and teachers talk about how richly they are presented by the children inwardly.

Winter nights in Abbottabad go down to 43 °F or 6 °C, warm blankets are needed. Midsummer days can be really hot.

Their costs are $2,500 per month but more funding is needed in fact to help the helpers by paying them a salary.

Building a house instead of the current rent would long ranging reduce costs and create opportunities for income. At the right time God will provide the means, costs: $300,000

God wants us to give ourselves. He adds everything needed.

Prayer video, pics and info on Pakistan.

Donate with reference FP


HEART Uganda

OPHOM – Hassan – HEART Uganda – Orphan’s Family House and School

You could support them to have their own house shortly. So they save costs and are eased to a great extent.

Website    All Posts regarding HEART Uganda    Prayercast Uganda

The orphans family and the work on Facebook with PicsHassan Mubiru.

Orphans family home and school for poor cared for by a pastor couple with a helper in Mityama – love, faith and hope

From Open Hearts Orphanage Ministry (OPHOM): Uganda has been hit by war, disease and poverty more than most other countries in the world. Many people died and are devastated. This leaves many children without any care. We save such children.

In Spring 2017 Pastor Hassan Mubiru from Mityama in Uganda contacted me friendly on Facebook. I checked his profile and found the orphanage which needs help.

I had the impression in the spirit that we should give something. In the meantime I mailed to a few people I know to inform them, too. I phoned with Hassan with WhatsApp call to get to know him better and the situation there.

He and his wife were caring for up to 40 children age ranging 4 to 14, mostly coming from Christian family backgrounds. Both parents have died or the lone mother can’t support their child enough. Sometimes also couples are not able to do so. So children are coming here. As the sleeping places have got to small for the children only 10 could stay.

Hassan is pastor of the Disciples Christian Fellowship Church and runs a small business. He and his wife sell little fish.

I was interested how a typical day looks like in the orphanage:

At 6 a.m. they pray together with 28 children who go to the nearby schools and food is prepared for them. Some children in the right age for school can’t go right now because money for the school fees for the public school is lacking.

 At 10 a.m. the other children get breakfast.

 When the school children come back around 1 p.m. the have meal if there is something to eat. Sometimes the money for food is missing. Then they head back to school.

Between 4 and 5 p.m. they come back to the orphanage. Now they clean their clothes and bath.

Around 8 p.m. all pray and eat dinner if there is something. Some finish open works for the school.

And how is the social surrounding?

The region shows different religions. More protestant believers than pentecostal. Many Muslims and more religions.

Most people are poor and have no stable income. They live from about $1 a day. The government is not helping enough. Among protestants there are some rich who work in the government.

House and Land

Hassan could buy a piece of land where they are cultivating vegetable now. Also a house could be built on a part of this land. They are paying back the loan.

Hassan plans to have a fish farm one day on the land for a good income.


About 100 and the orphanage family children can go there. The teachers engage themselves through the love of Christ.


Donate with reference HU


HEROES South Africa

3eministry – Willie Tina – Kids at risk Cape Town – Training for Socially Disadvantaged Pupils

South Africa video and information

Willie and Tina save children by  strengthening the vulnerable ones. They do this with hero training and communion with Christ.

With great love from God they teach and guide children in public schools in the Christ classes. They do not receive institutionalized pay and live by God’s provision.

I will sometimes write an update here and we are available for questions. If you can speak English, you can also contact them directly and receive updates from them.

We have helped them make a website in English and in German  which they now maintain themselves.

We ask you to see if God leads you to support their living and working. And invite others.

One earth, one world, one body of Christ.

Donate with reference HS